Video clips featuring the work of Saakshar

My Saakshar

This short film made in 2016 shows how Saakshar helps our older students, who have been enabled to complete their studies and are equipped with the confidence they need to play their part in modern India. With strong moral and social value, they have an awareness of their own capabilities and a determination to make the most of the limited opportunities available to them, and can take the next steps in their lives with both humility and self-confidence.

Rupa teaching

This short video clip shows Rupa, one of our 18 year old students, on her teaching practice in late 2016. Since I first met her when she was ten years old she has said she wanted to be a teacher. At the time it seemed like an impossible dream, but now it is becoming a reality, through determination and courage on her part and from her parents, and with Saakshar’s help. Rupa’s teacher training is being sponsored by an Indian family in London, through Saakshar School Appeal.

Saakshar Learners

This video clip which was filmed at Saakshar 2 in February 2016 and shows the creative approach which Saakshar takes to learning. Coordinator Preeti trains and empowers our teachers to work creatively and interactively with our learners. This is unlike the rote learning which traditional schools and nurseries use, where children may end up with no understanding of what they have been taught. Saakshar’s pre-school children love learning!

To see more videos of Saakshar’s work, and the progress of Rupa and Kajal, our trainee teachers from Nasirpur slum community, click here: